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Ken eating lunch

Dave eating lunch


Well, the boys have to eat some time!


Happy veggie day to all!


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Grumpy cook ramblings

Is it just me, or is it damn hard to find a ripe avocado in this town? Either they say ripe, and you cut them open and they are HARD AS A ROCK, or you cut them open and they are BLACK. Ick!

And what’s with the dearth of Feta cheese crumbles? Seriously, people.  When Grocery Outlet is out of Feta crumbles, you’re pretty much screwed! You’ll pay $5.99 for a tiny box that will be dry and flavorless, and it’s “goat cheese,” not Feta cheese.


Why was I looking for avocados and Feta anyway, you ask? For this:

Yvette's Tabouleh


Now, depending on who you ask and where you get your recipe, Tabouleh might be made with couscous, or it might be made with Bulgar wheat. Since I can’t even find Feta, I scratched the bulgar and went with the couscous. Here’s how my recipe goes:

1 cup couscous

1 & 1/2 cups water

Cook the couscous, and cover it. Then, throw in everything but the kitchen sink!


Cucumber – the round lemon kind

Spinach leaves – add ’em while the couscous is hot, just after you’ve fork-fluffed it

Avocado – RIPE, preferrably

Feta cheese crumbles – I used 1/2 a container

Several “swirls” of olive oil

Several “squirty swirls” of lemon juice

Mix and eat hearty!

Oh, and if you’re in a mind to see what I ate with it for dinner, it was grilled tofu splashed with soy sauce. Yum!

Mmm grilled tofu!

That, with a shot of rum makes for a perfect vegetarian meal in my house!

Eat hearty me lads. Ho ho!

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