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Dear Veggie Lovers,

We are working hard up at the farm – moving leeks from their nursery bed to their permanent growing spots, and much, much more.

You’ll see the fruit (or veggies, rather) of our efforts at the Wenatchee Valley Farmers Market each Saturday from 8-1:00.

And thought we don’t sell grain products, I thought it would be interesting to share a bit about Emmer.


Emmer is an ancient grain originally cultivated in Mesopotamia – aka the birthplace of human civilization, found between the the Tigris and Euphrates River systems in the Middle East. (Don’t you like how I work that in so often?) Like so many old, old, things (my Pinto Station wagon, for instance), Emmer cultivation eased as newer, higher-yield grans came to the forefront, such as Barley. And later of course, wheat.

Emmer is genetically different from wheat. And if you taste it, you’ll agree! It’s got … a more rye-like taste than regular flour. I know, because I had some locally-grown biscuit mix from Bluebird Grain Farms in Winthrop, WA.

Emmer Biscuit Mix

And I have to say, I would eat it again!

Now, Emmer as a grain is not as high in gluten as wheat, so it lends itself more to flatbread-type things, and here’s a good recipe for just that: Emmer flatbread. I’d like to try that, since it seems as though making actual bread might be more difficult. But here’s a blogger who’s done it and lived to tell the tale!

Not only that, there’s a whole old-grain baking movement in the works from the looks of things –¬†

and after all, Emmer is still around with us today – still cultivated in various regions for many reasons. One variety of Emmer you may have heard of is Farro. It’s grown in Italy and is sometimes used to make Risotto, although this site has a Farro and Beet Salad recipe that looks delicious, if you happen to have some Tzatziki sauce lying about. (Which if you’re Greek, you inevitably do!) But if not, hey, take a chance on the biscuits or the muffins and see how you like the flavor.

You never know – you might be eating more of it some day!

Emmer’s claims to fame includes a tolerance to rust disease and bad weather conditions, something which may come into play in the future – you just never know… food security for much of human existence has not been a certainty.

Due to bad cherry growing conditions in the Wenatchee area this year, growers are concerned about a bad fruit fly year in 2013. What will happen to the price of cherries next year, it’s too soon to say.

So, grow what you can, and make biscuits!

See you at the Wenatchee Valley Farmers Market on Saturday!


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Hey all,

In case you have not seen the July 2012 Wenatchee Business Journal, I thought you’d like to know we were covered. In fact, we are on the cover!

Here’s the link to the story¬†http://wbjtoday.com/main.asp?SectionID=2&subsectionID=45&articleID=2005

It just goes to show you – it pays to eat your veggies!

Dave Lawrence with a Flicker Farm leek.

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