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Dear Onion Lovers,

Since the Walla Walla sweets we’ve grown are hot sellers at the Wenatchee Valley Farmers Market — we sold 75 of them last Saturday! — I thought I’d look up some information about the variety. Turns out:

1. Walla Walla onions really are from Walla Walla WA. (Say that 5 times fast!)

2. They are a fairly old variety, originally developed back around 1900 from seed brought to the area from the island of Corsica.

The onions are known for their mild flavor due to their lower sulfur compound content. In other words, they won’t make you cry when you cut them!

But keep in mind studies have shown the same compounds that make you cry may be the same ones that give onions their heart-healthy effects. So, going for the low-sulfur onions may have you reaching for the garlic in order to compensate. (Bring your breath mints).

3. They are usually large, jumbo-sized onions.

4. About 60 growers grow them in Walla Walla, WA according to a video located here.

5. The Walla Walla Valley is a federally protected production area. Onions grown outside this area are not considered “genuine” Walla Walla sweets.

But thanks to Ed Hume and many others, you can grow your own at home – even in Wenatchee!

We promise – we won’t tell!

Happy eating!


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Hi all,

Local food supporters at Farmhouse Table have set up a brand new website and it’s a lovely shade of green 🙂

Visitors can take a gander at the market, sign up for the CSA (community supported agriculture) deliveries, and learn more about the local entities supporting locally grown food in Wenatchee, WA.

Click here to visit the site.

Happy eating!

And just to keep you thinking “green,” here’s a shot of our personal backyard garden from last year:

Taken July, 2010 in Wenatchee, WA at "Davis Farms"

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